Meg Sangimino


3-month Coaching Program for Yoga Teachers to Scale their Income and Impact

We start in February!

New Project

Build unique offerings that makes an impact on students around the world .

New Project (1)

Master social media to confidently attract dream students into your classes, workshops, and program.

New Project (2)

Learn streamlined systems that grow your business without burning yourself out.



Weekly Coaching Calls with the group

coaching calls on marketing, offering creation, selling, and more

bonus trainings

Supplemental Workshops on goal setting, motivation, mindset, and more


Every week you will have check-ins with the coaches to set your weekly goals & Celebrate your wins

Weekly coaching calls

Power hour

During power hour, meg will help you prioritize and move forward with actionable steps

anxiety hour

a safe space for you to come and process and and all emotions with the guidance of your mindset coach, allie

Systems setting Sessions

coworking hour to input systems into your business with meg & stephanie


Facebook Group

Access to coaches via Voxer + Office Hours for personalized support

Mindset Trainings for entrepreneurs & yoga teachers

Technology Trainings to help with social media and marketing software

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"When I came to YBA, I was a brand new yoga teacher who had absolutely no idea what to do. I wanted to build my business online but had no real idea how to navigate the world of social media in an effective way. I had no confidence to price my offerings in a way that would allow me to earn a real income. I felt utterly alone and unworthy trying to build this new business. Meg, Stephanie and Allie have provided a safe, nurturing space. We've all been allowed to express our strengths and weaknesses but also our hopes and fears. I'm just so eternally grateful for this container. It has brought me so much. I now have hope and a clear vision for my yoga business, and I can't wait to see where it takes me. "

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"Truly I am grateful beyond words for the Yoga Biz Accelerator program. This program is well worth the investment in yourself and your business. The educational content, community and 1:1 support is so incredibly valuable as a budding entrepreneur. I felt very lost in my business direction and offerings prior to this program - I was throwing ideas at the wind with no legitimate planning (and it showed). But through the thoughtful coaching from Meg, Stephanie + Allie, I feel confident in myself and my business moving forward. They have provided me with so much knowledge on how to cater to my ideal client and how to turn them into paying customers.!"

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"This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business. I came to the YBA after leaving another coaching program that wasn’t working for me. I felt extremely broken and ready to quit my business because I felt like I wasn’t cut out for this work. Something deep in my soul told me to reach out to Meg for help and I asked her a couple of questions about her program. Best part about that was she didn’t try to sell me, especially knowing how vulnerable I was at that time. After being in her free group, attending some free workshops, and listening to her podcast I knew I Meg would the right person for me to work with. This program has been such a game changer for me and my business! "

Is this my next step?

Meet the Team

The Accelerator is led by 3 experienced coaches ready to support your business journey

We believe that a sustainable business focuses on more than just strategy. The Yoga Biz Accelerator Team works to support you from all angles with the help and support of 3 experienced coaches.


Head coach & strategist

Meg is the creator of The Yoga Biz Accelerator and the host of The YogaBiz Podcast. Meg is a certified yoga teacher with a passion for helping her fellow yoga teachers build profitable, successful, and sustainable businesses to support themselves and the lifestyles they desire.

In her early 20s, Meg built a successful, profitable yoga business while working as a full-time engineer. She created programs to help retired athletes step back into confidence and self-possession after sport. She also created a profitable online virtual studio for women looking to deepen their yoga practice with meditation and ritual.

After creating a successful online business, Meg stepped into the role of helping other yoga teachers navigate the online space and turn their passions into sustainable businesses.



Meet your mindset coach, Allie! Allie is a 200hr RYT with an educational background in mental health counseling. Allie teaches educational psychology-based courses at the University of Northern Colorado and is pursuing her Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision. She is here to support you in your business journey by teaching mindset and motivation.



Meet your accountability coach, Stephanie! Stephanie stepped into the yoga space after a 30-year career in teaching. She is a wellness coach who is passionate about helping women stay active and build better habits. She is here to support you in your business journey through goal setting and accountability.

You need a huge following or large audience to fill up programs and workshops.

You have to be an experienced teacher to build a successful yoga business.

You need a beautiful website and refined offerings to attract students.

You created your own yoga programs to change the lives of your students.

You could easily grow your Facebook Group with dream clients every week.

You knew exactly how to fill up your classes, workshops, & programs by leveraging social media.

Proven systems & methods that really work to grow your yoga business.

How to confidently implement & take action to fill up your program.

How to structure your yoga business in a way that nourishes your lifestyle & bank account.

are you ready


Basic plan

access to live workshops, office hours, resources, & community


basic plan + 1:1 voxer support from Meg, stephanie, & allie for 12 weeks



The Yoga Biz Accelerator supports you from all angles

New Project


Helping you to create sustainability in your business without burning yourself out

New Project (1)


Teaching you strategies to sell out your courses and programs in order to create a larger impact on your community

New Project (2)


Teaching you skills to stay organized and on track to reach (or exceed) your business goals

get ready for

epic results


A community of DREAM CLIENTS ready to buy from you

Your very own yoga offerings to launch as much as you want

A blueprint for growing your online biz (even if you decide to pivot down the road!)

it's time to

embrace your ability to be a leader in the industry

stop feeling like "one of the many" in the yoga space

start making real waves in your business and life




Mapping out your vision, getting clear on your ideal client, and building an engaged community.


Lead generation, confidence & leadership, crafting bomb offerings for you students.

MONTH three

Mastering sales, refining your product suite, and seamlessly attracting dream clients.


how many people are in the accelerator?

We cap the program at 15 people to keep the container intimate and make sure we can offer personalized support..

i'm debating between this and 1:1 coaching, which is better?

Both are great. If you're just starting out on your business journey, we recommend the Yoga Biz Accelerator. The group dynamic really helps with motivation, support, and feeling like you're not alone! If you're already making a solid income with your yoga business, we recommend 1:1 coaching.

I don't have a big following! Should I wait to sign up until I have more?

It's a myth that you need a large following to build your yoga business. This program is designed to help you attract the RIGHT students to your offerings, not just grow a following.

My life is busy! What if I can't make every call live?

That's fine! Every single call is recorded and you have lifetime access to it. I actually recommend taking the program at your own pace and sometimes that means intentionally missing calls.

build your biz

stop spinning your wheels



Vip plan (includes 1:1 voxer support)


what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

most likely, if you made it this far, you know that you're ready for a change

The Yoga Biz Accelerator is LIFE CHANGING



"YBA has been an amazing journey and experience. I loved how it has a holistic approach to business providing not just tools and strategies for business but also mindset and accountability. Being able to have a container that not only provides information and insight but also a community has provided me with the confidence to step forward in my business and work through the fears, blocks and shame around selling and being seen as a business. This program really is all encompassing and provides you with the tools to shift yourself and your business into a space for success. YBA is an investment in yourself and your business that I would highly recommend to anyone ready to take that leap."



"The Yoga Biz Accelerator changed the trajectory of my business! When I started the YBA, I was as fresh as you could be business owner wise and was really trying to find my way in the dark. YBA gave me so much valuable knowledge, experience, community and personal support, and mindset shifting that I can say without a doubt, my business would not be where it is now without having taken the YBA! The coaches are amazing and an enormous fountain of experience and knowledge; they have a passionate and compassionate way of guiding you to be more in your business! I have learned so much and grown in so many ways. I would recommend the Yoga Biz Accelerator to anyone"

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"Joining the Yoga Biz Accelerator was the most powerful step in my business, and I couldn't imagine being anywhere or doing anything else right now. My business and my mindset around my business have grown leaps and bounds in JUST the past 6 weeks! The coaches, the amazing community, the content, everything together have created this incredible program that is worth WAY more than every single penny! Every piece of guidance and content we are given - works. I have grown my community to over 200 dream clients in just 3 months, I am serving my students with engaging content. I could not have done ANY of this if it weren't for the amazing coaches and community I am working with."